Thursday, March 5, 2009

Beginning a Conversation

For many months as I have talked with people in parishes and dioceses throughout the United States, people have asked if I have a blog. Now, I can respond "yes," and through this blog, invite each of you into conversation with each other, and with me. Our topics are sure to center around the Catholic Church, and will likely focus on stewardship, engagement, strengths development, catechesis, and evangelization. As you share this blog address with your colleagues, please invite them to join us as we continue to learn from one another and share what inspires us, what challenges us, and where we find joy as we serve the Church as members of the body of Christ.

I have been thinking much in this past week about the ways in which stewardship is the underlying stream from which evangelization flourishes. This insight was clearly articulated by my friend and pastor, Fr. Jan Schmidt, and he echoed my own recent reflections on the interrelated nature of these two ways of living as disciples. Bishop Sylvester Ryan spoke last fall of evangelization and stewardship being two sides of the same coin.

What do you think? What is your experience? Let's talk!


ehlerc said...

Hi Leisa
A special G'day from Brisbane Australia. Congratulations of your blog. I strongly agree with you about stewardship and evangelisation being the two sides of the discipleship coin. When we embrace stewardship principles and endeavour to live them in all aspects of our lives we are called by God's spirit to be grateful and generous. Leisa, you used the term "stream" to describe the life giving characteristics of of stewardship. I have also suggested to some people that stewardship is not rocket science but rocket fuel. Blessings, Chris Ehler

Michael Brough said...

Welcome to the blogosphere, Leisa! Integrating stewardship and evangelization concepts is very helpful for parishes so that they do not experience them as separate "ministries" or "programs" but rather as the shared common core of discipleship.

May your new blog flourish as a forum for shared wisdom and encouragement.