Thursday, March 12, 2009

Gratitude and Generosity: Now is the Time!

Last week during a presentation, I shared my conviction that we as pastoral leaders need to form people toward gratitude for the abundance of our blessings, and toward generosity as a response to God's gracious goodness. I said that it seemed that many seem to feel a sense of entitlement, saying "I worked for what I have, I am entitled to it."

Last week's group reacted energetically, with overt groans and heads bobbing. It felt as though I had named something that is on people's minds and in their hearts, pressing upon us as a critical need in a time of social and cultural upheaval.

So I wonder, how are you fostering an attitude of gratitude in your own life at this time? How are you encouraging others to do so? In what ways are you and those around you responding in generosity?

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Dobie said...

Thank you for your reminder Leisa. Sometimes when dealing with very real and competing demands in ministry and family life I find it easy to forget the gratitude part. When I do the load gets heavier and things become a chore to be to tolerated or scratched off the list. Your words encourage - and I am thankful for the gift that you are to me and so many through your ministry and friendship.