Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Meeting Spiritual Needs

When I first talked with Al Winseman about the studies on engagement, and later, when I read Growing an Engaged Church book for the first time, I was struck by the knowledge that when people are coming into a relationship with a parish one of the first things they are asking is "Will my spiritual needs be met?" This makes sense, of course, particularly in people who are accustomed to discerning among a plethora of choices for everything from the mundane to this most important element of life. Surely this question among those who are seeking a parish (whether due to a move, as the person is coming out of a time of active disengagement, or when an individual is coming to faith for the first time).

We have an abiding belief that no matter what the need, a relationship with Christ, lived out in the community of the Church, particularly in regular participation in the Eucharist, will satisfy any hunger or spiritual need. The question is, would one who is coming to your parish for the first time recognize there what (Whom) they seek?

What do you think?

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