Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Great Expectations

Blessings as we begin Lent. It seems appropriate that the beginning of this season of re-focusing and turning toward Christ is the season in which we begin taking Great Expectations to dioceses throughout the US. Great Expectations is a new project for Bill Huebsch and I, in which we encourage parish leaders to make fundamental shifts in the ways in which we think about and implement religious education. Specifically, we will be talking with people about coaching parents to form their own children, and we'll be sharing ideas and resources to support this shift. I will be in twenty-five dioceses this year (so far) for Great Expectations, and look forward to seeing many of you there!

May each of us find the grace to turn our minds, hearts and hands to Christ this Lent, and to live in the hope of Christ and God's reign now and into a bright future. Peace.

From Indianapolis, on my way to Ft. Worth, Leisa

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