Friday, February 26, 2010

More Great Expectations

Great Expectations has to be one of the most wonderful projects I have ever been involved with. Thus far, I have participated in one gathering and have led two, and in all three events, in completely different parts of the United States, the response has been phenomenal. Critical conversations are begun or continued through a guided discussion of what we hope and dream for the people in our parishes, particularly parents; leaders commiserate together, learn from each other, and risk widening their view to consider a different way of thinking of our role, to embrace the idea that perhaps we who are catechists and catechetical leaders could think of ourselves as coaches for the parents, and could act accordingly.

The encouraging part of this process is that people seem (finally) willing to say out loud, "what we're doing is no longer working ... if it ever did..." and then, together, we come to a commitment to begin shift our thinking and to bring others to consider making the shift with us.

What a privileged position to be with such good people of ministry!

Now in Fall River, Mass; home briefly; next week: the Diocese of Springfield-Cape Girardeau, for strengths inservice and catechists' retreat.

Lenten peace,

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